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Join us in shaping a sustainable future through strategic investments in Crypto Technologies, Property, and Community Initiatives.
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Teaching complete beginners how to use and trade crypto.

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Residential and Commerical property investment.

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Supporting local community projects to achieve their goals through donations.

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We Are Crypto.
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We Are Community.

ASKK Group is the family office for the Gardner-Martin family who actively invests in crypto and property to help the group give to local community projects and initiatives. 

Founded in 2021 the family wanted to create a commerical business with a strong commitment to clear core values and a strong commitment to helping local communities in the UK to thrive. When ASKK is successful the local communities share in its success. Our goals below are bold and are a part of our 5 year plan.

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Got a community project you need our support with?

We love making things happen at ASKK, therefore we invite you to contact us with your project to see if we can support you in achieving your goals. 

We are already proud sponsors of Junction Elite Football Club.