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Shaping Futures, Empowering Communities — That’s the ASKK Way.

Who we are

Invest wisely, educate thoroughly, and give back generously.

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Years Experience
ASKK at Glance

We Are Crypto. We Are Property. We Are Community.

ASKK Group is the family office for the Gardner-Martin family who actively invests in crypto and property to help the group give to local community projects and initiatives. 

Founded in 2021 the family wanted to create a commerical business with a strong commitment to clear core values and a strong commitment to helping local communities in the UK to thrive. When ASKK is successful the local communities share in its success. Our goals below are bold and are a part of our 5 year plan.

People to be trained
1 M+
Success Pass Rate
9 %
Assets Under Management
0 M+
Why Choose us

ASKK Group envisions a world empowered by strategic innovation, where community and progress go hand in hand.

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